Q: How long do I keep the trailer?

A: We normally deliver on Friday and pick-up on either Monday or Tuesday. We are happy to make other arrangements if your event calls for a different schedule.

Q: What does the delivery, set-up and pick up entail?

A: The trailer will arrive and be placed in a pre-determined location, or in the most practical spot available with regard to power and water sources. The unit will be blocked, leveled and connected to power and water. All functions of the unit will be tested on-site to be sure everything is working properly. On Monday, a pumper truck will come out and empty the unit of waste, and the unit will be removed from the property shortly thereafter.

Q: What are the power and water requirements?

A: You will need (3) SEPARATE 20 Amp, 110 Volt outlets, preferably on separate circuits. This is required for the lights, hot water heater and air conditioning. We will provide (3) heavy duty, 50 foot extension cords that run from the trailer to the power source. The closer the trailer is to the power source, the less likely you are to pop a breaker during your event. You will also need a standard garden hose and a water source.

Q: If we use the bathroom Friday night for the rehearsal dinner, can we have it cleaned and pumped before the wedding on Saturday?

A: Absolutely! The trailer is yours to use throughout the weekend, and we can provide early morning service on Saturday and/or Sunday. Additional fees apply and service must be scheduled in advance.

Q: What is the required deposit?

A: We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due two weeks prior to delivery.

Q: What do I do if the unit malfunctions during my wedding?

A: We highly recommend having an attendant. Please visit the Special Services page for details.

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